A Suspect ‘Package’

Well it’s been a different weekend. I’ll be honest I was meant to write this yesterday but after that god awful showing by England (I mean did we even deserve to win) I kinda just retired to my room and slept a lot….Begs the question why I’m still tired now!

This weekend was spent moving Isobella (ella, ella, under my umbrella) into her university halls ready for her second year. Now I use the term ‘university halls’ loosely – It looks like some sort of hotel – I mean I’m pretty damn sure my accommodation will look like a hobbit hole compared to hers…But more on that later…

Anyhoo, I’ll be honest there’s not many interesting things that happened during the time it took us to move all her stuff in, apart from a rather suspect looking lava lamp…I mean I’m pretty sure it’s not just me that thinks her lava lamp was pulling some rather X-rated shapes! Okay…It probably is just me…All the same it gave me a giggle. Now once we’d fixed up Izzys lights and photo’s (using copious amounts of selo-tape in the process) it was sure as hell time for food.14247831_1012625412189948_482964081_o.jpg

Nando’s was calling!

Now I’d really rather forgot that I was in Wolverhampton until I was woken at 4(ish) by police just down the road shouting for someone to “Put your hands up” and “Get on the ground”…Then a cacophony of  sirens…Then I remembered where I was. Best thing was the way Izzy was just like “Yeah…you get used to it…”

I realise that if you’re reading this on a computer this whole paragraph has been accompanied by a lovely fallace shaped lava lamp – but lets ignore it for a second and get back to the blog..

My Sunday was spent swimming, eating and traveling – a combination that’s enough to tire out any human and for that reason alone I slept my ass off!

Now as promised I’m gonna have a small, maybe bordering on medium, rant. So feel free to click off now if just don’t need this in your life – If you’re nosey like me you’ll stay. I’m gonna guess most of you stayed…. When thinking about my accommodation it made me think somewhat of a few things that were said to me a while back. Things like “How can you call it an adventure when you’re a bus ride from your own home?” I mean yes that is technically true. But so wrong in so many ways.

When I leave home in 12 days it’ll be to move into a place like which I’ve never had before. There’ll be freedom, a sense of adulthood and a shared adventure with like minded people. Yes I’m still in Birmingham but now I’m a student and the city is at my feet. Life is what you make of it, and in truth it doesn’t matter where you – only who you’re with.

I mean I was in Wolverhampton and yet because of someone special it was slightly less grimy….

Arriverdechi Readers. X


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