Moving On Moving Out

Jeez I seem to have a completely messed up posting schedule right now. For once it’s not simply because I’m being lazy – it’s actually because I’m working my ass off trying to get university all sorted.

Moving out is something I’m looking forward to – that sense of freedom and adulthood – but I totally underestimated just how much I would have to buy. I guess as a teenager you take for granted the small things around the house that you use on a daily basis but don’t really consider. Then on top of the usual crockery, bedding and stationary you always have to buy for uni I needed to apply for my Radiation tag, apply for my placements and get my occupational health sorted….Such fun….

My new Uni digs are literally 2 minutes from my lecture theatre though, so I can roll out of bed and into my lecture! Another positive is that I’ll be surrounded by other health students – so we all get that we’re not typical students – There’ll be weeks on end when I’m working in hospitals and getting back to my room late and knackered – Something these bog-standard Drama and English students just don’t get!

Christ The Redeemer….Leasowes Style

Now during my time with Izzy I’ve learnt one crucial thing – We have the ability to get so lost so easy – Even if we’re following what should just be a straight path. Honestly we could start out in Halesowen and end up in Hinterlachen before you know it – and we’ve both done DofE which makes it even worse! So yesterday, as we enjoyed the sun together, walking around Leasowes Park we found ourself at a Golf Course. Now of course Izzy’s plan was to just walk straight through the middle of the course, something I wasn’t too keen on – So for once I actually used a map to find which way to go – Somehow we still ended up out of the park on a main road….But oh well – It was nice whilst it lasted!

In typical fashion, after a long ass walk (we did over 6 miles) we totally thought we’d deserved a meal out so stopped by the Lutley Oak. Now I don’t usually get awkward with food but I felt a little silly tucking into my gigantic flaming challenge burger whilst Izzy was sitting opposite me with her chicken salad. Way to make me feel bad about how much I’m eating!! fyi. I didn’t finish the burger….I never do….

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Am I nervous for University? Yes. Will I be nervous when I move in? Yes. Will that stop me from just being myself and embracing this adventure? Hell No! In 16 days comes the biggest change of my life – Something I’ve been ready for for the past 2 years at least. But more on that some other time.

Better late than never.

If you haven’t yet checked out my summer adventures video then catch it here folks!

Arriverdechi Readers. X


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