Summer Lovin’ -Adventure Awaits

8 years. 8 Long years. That’s how long I spent at Windsor High School and Bloody Sixth Form. Finally though, and with a massive sigh of relief I may add, we are out of there…So this summer truly was about setting free and discovering new places, new adventures and a new me. When I think about the things I’ve done this summer its weird to think I’ve probably had the best summer yet from probably the worst start yet.

When I headed off to Brighton with the family at the start of my very elongated summer I was pretty damn down – But slowly just by throwing myself back into life I began to enjoy things again. I recaptured my sense of random adventure. One of my favorite memories of this summer was the feeling of heading off on holiday to Henley with Dunham. Just driving down the motorway with the bright sunshine beating down on us being, not only, adults but also adventuring our tits off in a place neither of us had ever been to and to be honest never heard of!

Instead of rambling on about all the different things I’ve got up to I decided to stick them into a little video which captures a lot of what I’ve been up to – So enjoy!

This summer taught me a valuable lesson.

Everything happens for a reason.

If I hadn’t been so unhappy back then, then I wouldn’t be as elated with life as I am now. If things hadn’t gone south so badly then I wouldn’t be in the position I am now, where I’m happy – about to start university close to those I love and await the best adventure of my life yet. So I guess that’s the message of this post – Shit happens – Deal with it – Usually it happens for a good reason.

One of my latest adventures was down to Portsmouth with Izzy’s family – Now I used to like people – Then I went on a Mega Bus for 4 hours – Now I’m not so sure. Out of tune children singing Disney songs inscenently is enough to drive anyone crazy! With that being said I did manage to survive meeting a whole load of Izzy’s family – who were all lovely – So I guess I’m over the scary part now…..Hopefully…..

Arriverdechi Readers. X


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