Results Day Roundup

So. I’m an undergraduate. That’s new.

Radiotherapy at Birmingham City University.

Totally worth the sleepless night the night before (although I was treated to a BBQ at Izzy’s with her and her sister) – but yeah…I didn’t sleep due to endless nerves…I must thank Izzy though for inviting me over and just taking my mind off my impending doom – Although I did have to oversee world war 3 as her and Abi clashed over risk…I kinda just sat there awkwardly slumping into my chair trying to disapear as much as possible…But anyway..Uni…Birmingham…Slight change of plan.

I was disappointed slightly at first. I’d been looking forward to adventuring to Liverpool and enjoying the student life up there…But the more I thought about it the more I realised this was really one of the best things that could have happened. I’d already been considering whether Liverpool was the best place for me, after all it was pretty far from those I love. I also realised that it didn’t matter where I was – I’d got in. I was an undergraduate and no matter where in the country I was, I was still about to begin my most exciting adventure to date. The time had come to spread my wings, split from the old crowd and begin afresh with new horizons and a new goal. #gunningforafirst

Now obviously we were all excited that I was finally free to delve into the world of university and celebrations were well and truly in order….This is when you realise I’m not your typical teenager…Because after careful consideration we decided to take the 4 of us to Warwick castle…That is totally what all teens do on results day isn’t it…Okay I guess it’s slightly different than most teens idea of a day out but it turned out to be a lovely day. I was able to spend time with my family and Izzy, although they’re kinda one and the same now, and really enjoy myself in the summer sun.

It’s been a long ass time since I’ve been to Warwick Castle, in fact it was prior to 2010 because our friends from Australia came to visit us there…I was amazed at how cute it was to be honest…“A castle…cute” I hear you ask…Well yeah it was to be honest. I mean the long climb to the top of the towers weren’t, but watching the falconry display with icreams melting in our hands, Izzys present for the day being a rather delicate princess tiara (oh I know how to treat people :’) )…Just the warm weather made the day feel a whole lot happier and more special. So thank you to my parents for taking us out there….It was a lovely day – but again one difficult to capture in words…

Results day was capped off in true James family fashion with a curry. Can’t beat them to be honest and I doubt I’ll be able to afford a proper one at uni so may as well make the most of them whilst I can…It was about this point Izzy invited me to Portsmouth for the weekend with her family….But that’s a story for another time….

I made it.

3 years.

We out here.

Arriverdechi Readers X.


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