Finding Dory – A Swimmingly Risky Business

It’s been one of those busy ass weekends and I’ll be honest I didn’t want to write during it, I’d rather just enjoy it and write about it late – Thus why I haven’t posted in what feels like ages…Awkward that…

Now again it’s testament to how much I like Izzy and how well we get on that she’s one of the few people that can persuade me to go anywhere near a swimming pool by choice. So alas Saturday I ended up heading off to the Crystal Leisure Centre in the ‘Nugget mobile’ (I never did ask why it was called that….probably has something to do with everyones addiction to chicken nuggets to be honest)….It was a kind of double date with Izzy and I and Abi and George, both of whom I was meeting properly for the first time and they were both really lovely and so easy to get on with. I think we all just enjoyed being able to be childish and not act our ages, going on slides built for toddlers and easily being a good 2 foot taller than the average other person there (or at least in George and my case we were….).


Now after any good swimming (or splashing) session you’ve obviously starving, and I had been prior warned that Abi and George tended to order a feast at Maccies…I didn’t really believe them….I do now!

I’ve never seen so many nuggets ordered…So may fries…I mean we easily managed it but my god there was lots! I felt so bad when I realised George was paying (which was amazing of him) but yeah…I always feel bad when that happens…But thanks so much to him!

If you ever want a tip for life then it’s this…Don’t play board games against any of the Hughes household, nor probably the Fountain household either after the showing from George in Risk…I’ve never known a game get so competitive and change so much! I mean yes George did probably win and I’m pretty damn sure Abi’s banned me from the house after our fight over Africa but I think we’re all winners here becuase Izzy got knocked out first….So at least she didn’t win…My technique of hiding in a corner didn’t really work either…I had to pull out the greatest comeback of all time to try and survive...”Shit got real..You don’t know man, you weren’t there”


When you’re both 19 and going with your whole family to go see Finding Dory you just know that none of you have grown up at all. I think to be honest it was my Dad who was the most excited abut seeing it. As little kids we’d seen Finding Nemo at the cinemas all those years ago and so it was a flashback of sorts for him – He’s obviously getting rather sentimental these days….Cute really….14001782_995106850608471_962690061_o.jpg

Finding Dory was such a good film though! I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would – and that had nothing to do with the fact Izzy and I bought a large Popcorn for ourselves to munch on all the way through. I’ll admit though I did tear up at some bits in the film (yeah I’m not the most manliest) but it was so lovely and poignant in parts…It’s kinda crazy how much you get sucked into the story…Turns out I have the enjoyment level of a pre-schooler when it comes to films…

I’m afraid this is one of those posts where no matter how much I write about it I just won’t be able to capture how magical it felt. Words don’t do this shizzle justice….

I hope your weekends were just as lovely!

Arriverdechi Readers. X


p.s. Countdown to doomsday : 4 days


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