One Call Away -Happiness Finds You

As you’re reading this just know I’m tucking into a nice Akbars. (Note….That was the opening I was going to use…Turns out I didn’t upload this for over a month…whoops)….I don’t mean to brag but damn I’m looking forward to it. It’s kinda my last outing with the work lot, a chance to have a laugh and just enjoy ourselves away from the stresses of the public. But anyway onto the topic of tonights ramblings…

Happiness is one of those feelings that you don’t tend to realise you have – Just tend to realise when you don’t have it. I’ve been through all that – I learnt something very important – Do not let one person dictate your happiness.

I’m not saying one person can’t make you happy – I mean they totally can and I’m lucky to have that one person in my life who I look forward to seeing more than anything. But I’m also lucky to have friends who are just one call away (I am listening to Charlie Puth right now….). I mean when I think of the things I have to be glad of in my life it’s realizing that happiness does not and should not rely on one person. To do that is to open yourself to an emotional disaster – So I’ve made a concerted effort to be more involved with different people. I mean with one friend I’m stuck going through a Harry Potter marathon (only 2 more to go….) – Although I have been promised we can binge through the Marvel series afterwards.

Now here’s the funny thing.

I’m happy.

Damn it feels great to be able to say that.

So to end in my usual preachy and convoluted emotional inspiration form – I really love these endings…Here we go then…Over the past few months my life situation has changed…For the better. Be wary of the emotional limpets. They’re the ones that post in-direct messages, make sly digs and try to just look…well…different. It’s funny because they always seem to surface when you’re at your happiest. They like to think that they can stick to you and try to suck all the happiness out of your life like a dementor (told you I was being made to watch Harry Potter!!). The funny thing is if they were really done caring about everything then why would they bother posting indirect stuff? Interesting…

Happiness attracts the bugs – They can bugger off.
I’m done focusing on the past. There’s a reason people are left in the past. Just like results day – we can’t change the past – But focus and improve our future.

Surrender to what is

Let go of what was

Have faith in what will be

I’m the happiest I have been in almost 2 years now – I guess I have a great group of people to thank for that. To those, who know who they are,  I am forever grateful for showing me I could be more than me.

Arriverdechi Readers. X


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