Back To Nature – Summer Date Days Vol. 2

The weather apparently just doesn’t like me. Whenever I have nothing planned it decides to beat down with the most glorious of sun – and yet the second I have plans to see people we have the greyish of days possible.

I guess if the weathers grey and dull then it’s up to us to light up our own lives. That was kinda what I was going for yesterday.Now I love the Nature Centre. It’s one of my favorite places in Birmingham – a hidden gem just outside the city – a place to escape the rush and just chill out. So yesterday I ended up dragging Izzy out to go look at some goats…I mean not just goats but it turns out that Goats are pretty much her favorite thing there…She never fails to surprise me!

If you’ve never been to the Nature Centre then you’re missing out. Now it’s not huge but it’s just cute and makes for a really nice day out and I’ll be honest it’s just nice to go out and have a laugh. The funny thing is I found out later that it didn’t actually matter where I was. I could have been at the worlds greatest nature reserve, I could have been overlooking the greatest views on the planet. But I wasn’t. It was at Birmingham Nature Centre. It is not where you are that matters – It’s who you’re with. Luckily I was in the very best of company…I mean a certain person did start calling Tamarins ‘Tambourines…I mean that person did take GCSE Music as well but I guess we’ll let her off…

When it comes to lunch there can be no easier place to go than Pizza Hut for the buffet – I remember as a kid loving the holidays when I could get the buffet – just piling my plate up in a tower of different flavors…Turns out I haven’t changed…Yesterday once again ended with both mine and Izzy’s plates stacked high with pizza and garlic bread – Although in the interest of a balanced diet I did also have some salad…..

Now if you’ve read enough of these blogs then you know I always seem to end on some sort of higher level inspirational shizzle…So here we go.

Writing about today does not make it seem exciting. Words don’t always do things justice. You see no matter how much I try I will never be able to put into words the small things I see and feel during the day. I can give you a precis of my day but not the details, not the smiles that cause hearts to flutter, conversations you’ll never forget, memories you’ll forever cherish. These things are mine and mine to keep. Those little moments during your day – the moments that break up the monotony are yours and yours alone – They belong to no-one else.

So make the most of them. Make the most of those small moments – Hold them close to you because in the end you will remember them – and no-one will ever be able to take them from you. Things always happen for a reason – They can seem like the worst and most unexpected things at the time but can give you a chance to become more than you ever thought possible.

Arriverdechi Readers. X




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